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Immigration Services


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Immigration journeys can be stressful, causing anxiety, worry, and strain on family relationships and finances.  Shabrial provides professional immigration psychological evaluations. We collaborate with your immigration attorney to ensure that we understand the specifics of your petition and the details relevant to your case. Our evaluations can dramatically improve your legal case for asylum in the U.S.

Immigration journeys can be


An immigration psychological evaluation or hardship evaluation is an assessment conducted by a licensed clinician to explain the mental health state of an individual in an immigration case. This assessment is a detailed 12–15-page document that captures the individual’s unique journey towards immigration which highlights how the effects of separation from family can have an adverse effect on the individual’s mental health and finances.

What is a immigration psychological evaluation?


Why do I need an immigration evaluation?

Psychological evaluations are usually required for hardship waiver, U-Visa, VAWA, and asylum cases. Your immigration attorney will refer you (and maybe your whole family) for an evaluation as needed. 

The benefits of an immigration evaluation are huge. This assessment provides diagnostic clarification and gain insights into the nature of their functioning.

What is the evaluation like?  

An immigration evaluation is a simple conversation between you, your family, and Shabrial. You will talk with your counselor for 1.5 hours between two different meetings.

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Some topics we might cover include:

  • Past trauma or difficulties 

  • Any previous mental health diagnoses 

  • Your current situation 

  • Your plans for the future

  • Your support system in the U.S. 

We will also discuss any details that are especially relevant to your case, according to your attorney. 

These conversations are not a test, and we strive to keep them casual and comfortable. Shabrial’s goal is always to provide a safe place filled with grace, so that our clients can find hope. The same is true in immigration evaluations. 

We can meet virtually via a HIPPA compliant platform (Simple Practice), in Virginia.

How much does an immigration evaluation cost in Virginia?

Our fee for Immigration Mental Health Evaluations is $1300 USD.

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Absolutely! We understand that the journey to the U.S. can be extremely difficult, and the immigration process is often daunting. Shabrial always wants to help people find hope and healing, so we offer counseling for adults and teens who are feeling the burden of anxiety, depression, or strained relationships. 

You can call our office at (804) 424-0230 or visit our scheduling page to book an Immigration Mental Health Evaluation appointment. 

Do you offer counseling services for immigrants?

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