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Hey, you! I am a therapist dedicated to helping people like you:

Curious and motivated people who are tired of the “emotional rollercoaster” associated with anxiety and stress that they’re ready to do something about it. 

Clients work with me because they are ready to finally feel better, to feel confident as the amazing person they already are. I have years of experience helping adults improve their self-esteem, develop healthier coping and communication skills, set boundaries, and achieve better work-life balance.

We might be a good fit if you:

  • Are motivated to change, but just don’t know where to start

  • Want a therapist who is relatable, compassionate, and honest

  • You need someone that will cultivate a safe space for you feel free of judgement to unpack your stressors 

Above all, I believe you should be able to trust your therapist!

Therefore, my approach is grounded in trust and transparency. As I believe that therapy is relational, it is important to be matched with a therapist that understands you. My personal strategy is to gain an understanding of your story to incorporate it into our work. I believe that it is equally important to provide whole-person care.  As a self-care advocate, I frequently incorporate these strategies into sessions as I see fit, to help you create the life you want.



I wouldn’t go to a therapist I didn’t feel comfortable with, and you shouldn’t either. Therapy is not one size fits all!

So… if we’re not a good fit, I’m always happy to refer you to one of the talented therapists in my network.

Shabrial Henderson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia and a Certified School Social Worker. She received her Bachelor’s and Masters of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Shabrial is the owner and Lead Therapist for New Insight Clinical Counseling, LLC. Shabrial recognizes how vulnerable this process can be and enjoys creating spaces where women and men can prioritize address their mental health and wellness. 

Shabrial specializes in serving individuals who have difficulty managing depression, anxiety, and women’s issues. In addition to those specialty areas, Shabrial works with women and men who express frustration with life transitions/adjustment, relationship issues, and work-life stress.

During treatment, Shabrial’s approach is specific to your individual needs, as she believes that therapy is collaborative. Therapy is relational, it is important to be matched with a therapist that understands you. Some approaches that she uses include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Theory, Solution Focused Therapy, and other conventional, evidence-based therapeutic approaches. Shabrial also incorporates self-care approaches in therapy as she believes that it is equally important to provide whole-person care. 




Masters in Social Work Virginia Commonwealth University-2018

Bachelors in Social Work Virginia Commonwealth University-2016


Certified School Social Worker 


Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia (0904014355)

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At New Insight Clinical Counseling, we strive to cultivate a space where you will feel seen, heard, and understood.  It is our mission to offer professional, culturally sensitive, and effective mental health therapy for women and men that encourages an opportunity for change and growth. We are committed to supporting clients in dealing with everyday stressors and achieving full potential in a non-judgmental and safe environment.


We offer individual talk therapy for women and men:

  1. Are you feeling hopeless, sad, isolated, mood changes, and not your usual self?

  2. Are you constantly having racing thoughts, feeling tense or on edge, and constant anxiety?

  3. Having difficulty creating and honoring your boundaries?

  4. Recently ended a relationship and struggling to process your feelings?

  5. Uncertain about what to do with your career or how to enter the workforce?

If you answered “yes,” we have a space for you! Below you will find a list of specialty areas by our therapist.






-Life transitions & adjustments

-Women Issues 

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